A politically conservative guerrilla street artist on Thursday altered a Hollywood movie billboard in Los Angeles to needle Al Franken amid the senator’s sexual harassment woes.

“Craze old Al! Just can’t keep his hands off the girls,” read Sabo’s tweet that included a photo of the billboard he made over with Franken’s image lifted from the now-famous picture of the senator with his hands hovering over the breasts of L. A. radio personality Leeann Tweeden as they traveled during a USO tour in 2006.

The billboard near a major freeway is an ad for “The Greatest Showman,” which opens Dec. 20. The musical about P.T. Barnum stars Zendaya as a trapeze artist, and Sabo made it appear as if Franken were grabbing for her as she flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

Sabo, who bills himself as “the right kind of rebel,” has made a name for himself annoying Hollywood with ads targeting celebrities and liberal politicians.