Savor the moment. Lately it seems most summer seasons trend either cool and wet or hot and steamy. But this year's warm season has been extraordinary any way you look at it. Statewide, September was 6 degrees warmer than average; possibly the warmest on record. According to State Climatologist Greg Spoden, growing-season weather was close to ideal. "The state did not suffer a major heat wave or consistently unbearable humidity levels. Growing-season rainfall totals were adequate to abundant," Spoden said.

The Twin Cities usually sees its first frost by early October, the first flakes in mid-October. Push that back at least two weeks this year. More symptoms of the warmest year on record, worldwide.

Clouds increase today, but the first chance of a statewide lawn-watering comes Wednesday night and Thursday. Temperatures trend milder than average into mid-October; a few more 70-degree highs are possible early next week.

Winter is coming — but it's running late this year.

Enjoy the honeymoon!