America hosts an average of 105 snow-producing storms every winter. “Chionophobia” is a persistent fear of snow, especially being trapped by drifts.

You don’t need falling snow to whip up a blizzard. Sustained winds over 35 mph can blast snow already on the ground into a frothing frenzy, dropping visibility near zero.

We may see these conditions over southwestern Minnesota later today, where a Blizzard Watch has been posted. Get your travel done early from Alexandria and Willmar to Mankato; the drive home from that Super Bowl party may be pretty rough.

Mid-30s will feel good today, but parkas return this week with a streak of teens and single digits all week long. By Saturday the mercury registers below 0 degrees. Nothing shocking for mid-February though.

The pattern won’t favor any big, sloppy southern snowstorms, just a family of clippers. Expect an inch or two tonight, maybe a couple inches Wednesday.

The sun is climbing ever higher. I see slight moderation the latter half of February.