Katy Perry has embraced today's digital world, selling more than 75 million digital tracks worldwide.

She grew up with a controller in her hands, playing video games with her siblings. One game that caught her attention and never let go was Electronic Arts' "The Sims," Will Wright's creation that has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. EA Maxis continues to expand "The Sims 3," the latest offering, with new expansion packs like Supernatural and Seasons.

Perry joined creative forces with "The Sims" this year in an exclusive collaboration that brings her distinctive talents, style and personality to the brand. The relationship kicked off with a Collector's Edition for "The Sims 3 Showtime" that included special Katy Perry-themed fashions and hairstyles, stage props and a guitar.

"The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats" was then released, which offered a fun-filled Candytopia of Katy Perry-inspired content from accessories, clothing and hairstyles to furniture and props like a banana split sofa that truly celebrated the imagination that she brings to her performances, music videos and life. Perry talks about her collaboration with EA, her video gaming and why she loves "The Sims."

Q Electronic Arts has focused on original music in games and introduces bands through video games. What opportunities do games offer artists today?

A There are so many new social media ways to get out your music. It went from playing cafes and open mics to, oh my gosh, MySpace and then it went Facebook and even "The Sims" is a part of that. Maybe the way you got over playing in front of audiences was playing in "The Sims" or something. There's a lot you can do in the virtual reality of the world of "The Sims."

Q The "Sims 3" Seasons offers a lot of new themed content. What's your favorite season in the new expansion pack?

A I love the holidays. It's my favorite. In October, that's when everything starts for me. I also start expanding. Like my size starts expanding and I have my Spanx on. I'm not sure if the Sims have Spanx, but I did ask if they had pumpkin spiced lattes. I'm not sure if they have those, either, and I would like to make a note of that.

Q Do you have a favorite memory from any of "The Sims" games you can share?

A Yeah. I really enjoyed helping create the Sweet Treats package. I like all of them, but this one in particular was so carefully customized to this candy world that I had created and brought on tour for the California Dreams tour. I felt a real ownership of it. When they were pulling out the banana split sundae couches I was like, "Oh, I can't believe I get to dream up this idea and it goes all over the world and it goes all over into the virtual world." I was very proud of that.

Q If EA approached you and said, "Katy, you can do anything you want in the next 'Sims' game," what would you do?

A If I could do anything I want? Well, I'd just probably -- I don't know if you can -- can you swear in Simlish? I'd probably want to swear, just to be able to say I've done it.

Q What do you like about "The Sims" games?

A The whole idea for me is a little bit like playing God. Like the fact that you can control the weather now. In general, you can control every aspect and you can cook and you can have pets that go through all the different seasons. You can have your little dog go through all the snow and wag its tail and you can "woo hoo" in an igloo. We all know what woo-hooing is. It's just so cool that you can do that in another life. You don't have to hope for the next one.