Linebacker Chad Greenway declined to say during a radio interview Thursday why he did not take part in the Vikings' three-day minicamp last weekend.

"Coach [Brad Childress] and I had a little agreement and that's all I can say about that," Greenway said while appearing with Vikings play-by-play voice Paul Allen during Allen's show on KFAN (1130 AM). "You'll have to ask the head guy about that one."

Greenway said there was nothing "controversial" about the situation and added he did not sit out the practices because of an injury. "It was sort of a special situation that we had worked out and it was good," Greenway said. "It's something that's going to stay in house."

Asked by Allen if he would be ready for training camp, Greenway said he is ready to go now. "I am 100 percent ready for training camp and will be absolutely in great shape and ready to go," he said. " ... Everything is good, we're ready to go, moving forward."

Greenway was at Winter Park for the minicamp and took part in stretching excercises each day before returning to the locker room along with a few other injured players such as Steve Hutchinson (shoulder) and Cedric Griffin (ACL). Greenway was not available to comment after any of the practices.

Greenway had taken part in at least some of the Vikings' Organized Team Activities so it's unclear if he was injured during one of those and just didn't want to say or if something else was at work in his agreement with Childress. After the first day of the minicamp last week, Childress said he did not know why Greenway was not on the field.

Greenway was so vague in his answer that his absence from the practices could raise questions about whether this has something to do with his contract. Greenway, who is due to make just over $3 million in 2010, is entering the last year of his rookie deal and there have been no known negotiations between Greenway and the team on an extension.

Greenway, however, said this had nothing to do with his contract. "[It's] nothing like that," he told Allen. "You know that's not me."

Improvements at Winter Park: The Vikings are having extensive work done on their practice fields at Winter Park, according to the team's website. The two practice fields will be resodded and new Turfguard sensors will be installed in the fields to monitor water amounts and temperature.