Metro Green Line trains resumed service in St. Paul late Friday evening after a light rail train-vehicle crash in the midst of Friday evening’s rush hour.

The crash happened near the Dale Street Station, and all trains in the area were stopped until about 6;30 p.m., when the wreckage was removed from the tracks. During the stoppage, replacement buses served stations from Snelling Avenue to Capitol/Rice Street, Metro Transit said.

Tane Danger, a passenger on the train that hit the vehicle, tweeted that the train came to “a screeching halt” and that police officers came on board to see if anyone on the train was hurt. No one was, he said.

However, ambulances left the scene with at least one person from the vehicle in them. “Unfortunately, this looks really bad,” Danger said of the vehicle.

Citizens’ photos from the scene showed that the train struck a white SUV and pushed it down the track, coming to rest in front of the fire station on St. Albans Street.