The symptoms of a warming climate are becoming harder to deny. Like four separate thousand-year floods in Minnesota since 2004. Or 50F and rain in December. This is "weather," but all weather is being flavored by warming now underway. "All of our current weather is impacted by human emissions of heat-trapping gases," St. Thomas climate scientist John Abraham e-mailed.

More CO2 is adding 400,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs worth of heat to Earth's system daily; 93 percent of that warmth is going into the oceans. Now that heat is coming out of the Pacific in the form of a turbocharged El Niño, maybe the biggest ever recorded.

40s linger this week; a few snowless towns may report 50F midweek. Rain showers are possible late Tuesday; again Thursday as a puff of Canadian air arrives. The chance of a big rainstorm next weekend has diminished; ECMWF guidance pulls seasonably cold air back into the Midwest next week. Keep the coats handy. But in the meantime I'm tempted to put my dock back in and do a little water skiing.