So THIS is what November feels like, without the shorts, monsoon rains and strobe-flashes of lightning. A few days ago my wife told me the lawn needed mowing. I'd never heard that in November. On Wednesday, 2.1 inches of rain fell at MSP International Airport; more than a November's-worth of rain in 24 hours. Had it been eight to 10 degrees colder, we'd be digging out from 18-22 inches of snow. Then again — if I were 6-foot-10, athletic and coordinated, I'd be in the NBA, but no matter. There was simply too much mild air around for a classic November snowstorm.

Today offers cool sunshine and seasonable temperatures. A stiff south wind lures the mercury into the 50s on Saturday; 60 isn't out of the question Sunday in the metro area. Pretty impressive, considering the winter solstice will be only five weeks away.

A fire hose of southern moisture streams north early next week; it will be warm enough for rain Monday into Wednesday. A beefier cold front arrives late next week, maybe preceded by a little slushy snow on Friday. You remember snow, right?