We all know that user comments on the Internet are not a barometer of very much. But as a guilty pleasure, they can be as satisfying as today's Thanksgiving leftovers, especially when bad things happen to teams for which you don't particularly care.

As of 10:15 a.m. Friday, there were 844 comments attached to an analysis of Green Bay's loss to the Bears on Milwaukee's Journal-Sentinel web site -- jsonline.com.

We're guessing you don't want to read all of 'em. So, with that in mind, here are 10 that capture the dark mood of commenting public across the border. They have been abridged for brevity and, because we're nice, we've even fixed a few speling errers spelling errors.

(Yes, we know Minnesota sports fans can get pretty worked up about stuff, too. But we're choosing to ignore that for a moment.)

"This team is a total fake. I laugh that we actually thought we had a shot at the Super Bowl this year. How funny is that now? ... They should have fired the entire coaching staff last offseason. They won't do it this year, either, but they should. This team's proverbial window is gone. Mark Murphy, here is my share of stock back. I don't want it anymore, you can have it."

"The way (Aaron Rodgers) ran off the field like a little girl after the injury made me think his arm was amputated. Having Favre in the house only highlighted AR's lack of toughness...mental and physical."

"Most embarrassing loss at home. It's too bad they didn't drag the offense back out to scrimmage when the game was over."

"(New England) has a coach and a QB that have a singular focus - kick the living crap out of the team they are playing that week. Their actions and their attitude flow to the rest of the team. Our QB is busy shooting commercials and hanging with the girlfriend. Our coach plays counting cards football - conservative odds-based game plans where we hope we make one less mistake than the other team. We never go for the jugular. NE tries to score 60 every game and they desperately try to win every game because they understand the importance of home field advantage in the playoffs. We expect to lose games during the course of the year and "manage" the schedule to get into the playoffs. Our players spend their days playing video games and hunting down the best buffet in GB. NE players spend 99% of their week on the game plan or they get sent packing. We just don't have enough Michael Jordan-type competitors. You can see it in Matthews and Jordy but it is missing in the majority of the team."

"Something is broken. And it starts with Rodgers. And then that gets multiplied by a bad line, bad receivers, no TE, bad play calling and a bad coach. But mostly, something is broken with Rodgers."

"I can't recall watching a Packer game with more disinterest than last night in many years. I really didn't know if they'd win or lose up to the end; I just didn't care. This team is so flat that it's spread onto me. If they don't care, why should I care?"

"I didn't jump back on the band wagon after the Packers upset Minnesota. I'm certainly not going to jump back on next week. They will not beat Detroit as well. If fact, I am not even going to watch the game because it is like watching a re-run. Nothing changes and the offense is too predictable."

"This comment from (coach Mike) McCarthy shows not much will change, 'There's nothing broke here. If we make plays on the ball tonight the outcome is different.' He circles the wagons, makes excuses and exhibits stubbornness rather than accepting the cold hard truth about our QB, our offense, and our idiotic play calling."

"I'm so sick of hearing "we're so much better than this" after they lose. No its not. This team stinks. We have the worst short yardage team in history - how many times this year has it been 3rd or 4th and 1 yard and they can't make it? It's laughable. Wide receivers? Horrible- all of them. Never seen a bunch who absolutely can't get open. Rogers is scrambling around and they stand there. They are so slow and drop balls like crazy. Adams is a BUST- he stinks. Richard Rodgers runs like he is carrying a piano on his back. How many times are they going to throw the wide receiver screen that gains zero yardage? The O line is OVERRATED. This is a field goal offense- can't score a td in the red zone if their lives depended on it. Defensively- Nate Palmer is horrible and Micah Hyde is worst safety in league- slow and can't defend a pass at all. Get ready for Lions to kick our *** next- they are on the up trend and our team is heading down fast and I don't see this turning around this season. Even last week against Vikings in the win this O looked bad. That win was by the D. Not gonna win the division and if we get wild card we will be one and done."


If you haven't had enough, you can find more wisdom from the Packers public here.


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