UPDATE: MarQueis Gray did not warm up with the quarterbacks, spending the early practice time helping the wide receivers get ready while the quarterbacks -- including apparent starter Max Shortell -- worked with the centers on taking snaps. And he's not taking part in calesthenics either, standing off to the side. He was wearing a boot on his foot last night, and is walking gingerly now. He certainly doesn't look like a man planning to play today.

     It's roughly 45 degrees, overcast and windy at Michigan Stadium, though nothing like the howling gales that made flying in yesterday such an adventure.
     MarQueis Gray came out on the field and threw briefly, but went back inside after 10 minutes. Didn't see him run around at all to test his sore toe. No sign yet of Max Shortell. Denard Robinson is also warming up now, and I'm struck once again (as I was at the Big Ten's preseason media day) at how much bigger Gray is than his Michigan counterpart.
     Brandon Kirksey is leading some of his defensive linemates on a stroll around the perimeter of the field, soaking in the atmosphere of college football's most enormous seating bowl.
     The Gophers are wearing white jerseys and pants today for a game that nobody here seems to think will be particularly close. Three writers picked the score in today's Detroit Free Press, and the closest margin any of them expected was 13 points.