Minneapolis-based Graves Hospitality this week released its first rendering for its flagship hotel to be built at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Graves is proposing a nine-story, 300-unit full-service hotel with a luxury spa, restaurant, observation deck bar and lounge and a parking ramp below.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission gave its approval for the project Monday. Next, the developer will have to receive Federal Aviation Administration's approval for its height design.

"Fortunately, where it is, it's not on any flight patterns, said Benjamin Graves, president and CEO at Graves Hospitality. He noted it is one of the highest buildable height areas at the airport. "It will be the marquee of the airport when you drive up," he said.

The new hotel will be skyway connected to the airport with its own security checkpoint. Its spa will offer pools and relaxation rooms. Travelers who arrive early can use the spa before checking in and the spa rooms can be rented for partial days, "which is kind of unique," Graves said.

Graves Hospitality hasn't decided on a branding partner for the hotel. "We have a couple brands lined up, but everyone came out of the woodwork," Graves said. "So, we are still working to find the No. 1 fit and the best deal."

The exterior of the hotel will use local stone and materials, such as Kasota stone. It will also use glass and metal on the facade. Inside, Graves hopes to use local artists and elements that speak distinctly to Minnesota as a place.

"I truly feel the site offers the best of both worlds," Graves said. "We really feel we are going to be the interface between the airport and the community. We are going to offer a restaurant where you can pull up, valet your car and come dine with us. The way that you approach the hotel will be pretty convenient and you don't have to go through airport security" if you are a member of the general public.

Graves hopes to have the hotel open by the time Minneapolis hosts the Super Bowl in 2018.