WCCO-TV's "Grannies Take On the Grammys" recently won Emmys for Rosalie Vascellaro and Doris Rosen, mothers of WCCO anchors Frank Vascellaro and Mark Rosen. They are two funny and opinionated ladies, whether talking about sports or music, Justin Bieber or the overexposed Kardashian clan.

In the interest of full disclosure: Doris is a former classified advertising employee of the Star Tribune, retired since 1990. I interviewed them at Rosalie's residence on one of the days when she wasn't preparing dinner for the three children of her son and daughter-in-law, co-anchors and spouses Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello. Rosalie usually prepares the meals at her home and then drives the food over to theirs. After my Q&A with the Grammy-winning grands, we sat down for cupcakes, coffee and an additional conversation worthy of more video. That's saying a lot since I produced two videos from our time together, which can be found at startribune.com.

Since these ladies are known for their views, I tossed out random questions and let them fire away:

Q What's wrong with the Vikings?

RV They do so well that first half and in the back of my mind [I think], 'Don't get overjoyed because they're going to lose.' And sure enough they do.

Q Who is the cutest QB in the NFL?

DR Tom Brady. Also, we do have the new one for Minnesota, [Christian] Ponder.

RV Yes, he's very handsome. And Tony Romo's not bad-looking.

Q If Sid Hartman called either of you and asked you out on a dinner date, would you go?

DR No. And I've known him a long time.

RV Never.

Q What kind of music are you listening to these days?

DR I like Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.

RV And I'll add Tony Bennett and the young man, Michael Bublé.

Q Who'd you rather: Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra?

DR Oh, Sinatra without a doubt.

RV Well, when Doris is through with him, I'll take him.

Q Can Pastor Mac Hammond save Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's foundering presidential campaign?

RV I doubt it.

DR No. I have very personal feelings about that. I don't feel any pastor of any congregation should be out campaigning. It rubs off on his congregation. He may not have to say one word from the pulpit. But his congregants know.

Q What do you think of Bachmann thinking she should be president?

DR I could be president, too. That's about as much chance as she has.

RV (Just laughs.)

Q Rihanna and Chris Brown are tweeting each other as if they might be inching back together?

DR I hope not. These girls look for trouble all the time.

RV He's not a very nice man. She could do much better.

Q Is there any chance that kissing and holding hands are the only displays of affection being shared between teen pop singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who are enjoying an elaborate romance?

DR I really don't care. I think it's a whole publicity stunt. He's only 17. My granddaughter who is 20 saw his movie four times. She said it was very inspirational.

RV Believe none of what you see and half of what you hear.

Q Are you bored with the Kardashians?

DR For quite a while. The whole bunch of them, including the stepfather and the mother.

Q How long do you give this Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage?

DR I know it's not going to be a long-term marriage.

Q Is there one act of naughtiness from the childhood of either of your sons that stands out in your memory?

RV Not really.

DR He was easy to raise -- much easier than the girls.

Q What is the favorite dish you prepare for your sons?

RV Frank is not fussy. He's such a good cook himself. I think he could eat pasta every day.

DR Mark has two favorites. One is my recipe for shepherd's pie. And he loves sweet and sour meatballs. He sees them on the table and he says, What will the rest of [you] eat?

Q What do you think of all this new hair on Mark?

DR It's showbiz! That's what I call it. I think it looks great. He was the cutest little towhead. His hair was platinum blond when he was a little boy.

RV It looks very nice.

CJ's Q&A interviews are edited for space and clarity. More of her attitude can be seen on Fox 9 Thursday mornings.