Minneapolis schools Superintendent Ed Graff’s job evaluation will likely include an additional item: operations.

Graff, who is entering his third-year as the leader of the state’s third-largest school system will be graded on his efforts in implementing his five top priorities — literacy, equity, social and emotional learning, support services for students and accountability.

During Wednesday’s board meeting, members proposed to add “operations” as a priority. They unveiled three grading levels — not meeting expectations, developing and meeting expectations — that will be used during the evaluation. To meet the expectations of his bosses, Graff would have would have to score 80 percent or above in each set goal.

“The overall goals of the district when we hire a superintendent are to be in charge of administration, coordination and supervision of the entire school system,” Board Member Rebecca Gagnon said. “We need to ensure that is in fact happening.”

The board will release its evaluation of the superintendent in early October.

Graff took the helm in 2016 under a three-year contract that’s set to expire next year. Last year, Graff received a good report card from the nine-member board in his first job review. He earned it by creating systems to implement his key priorities.

Meanwhile, board members said they would like to use the review process not only to help them develop a tool to best evaluate Graff’s job performance, but also have a broader discussion about issues affecting the district such as new start times and bus driver shortage.

Board Member Bob Walser said the key priorities laid out by the board and the superintendent failed to include an evaluation of Graff’s ongoing management of the district.

“The aspect of his job which are not covered in this specific goals are managing the district and supporting the board,” Walser said.