At this time of year, it's not unusual for thieves to make their theft choices based on the boxes you leave outside. Citing safety concerns, the City of St. Paul is offering a cardboard box drop off site so you don't advertise the goodies inside your home.

The police department, the Department of Public Works and Eureka Recycling are teaming up on a cardboard-only dumpster in the visitor parking lot of the Western District Police Headquarters, located at 389 Hamline Avenue N.  St. Paul residents can drop off cardboard boxes through Friday, Jan. 8th. 

"The purpose of the dumpster is to give residents the opportunity to dispose of holiday boxes from their electronics and large toys rather than to put them curbside for recycling pickup," city officials said in a statement. "This is in an effort to prevent would-be burglars from knowing what new items are “available” in their homes."