Carter Coughlin, the Gophers' top incoming football recruit, had successful surgery Thursday to repair a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder.

In an interview Wednesday, Coughlin explained that he first suffered the injury as a junior at Eden Prairie. The linebacker played with a brace on the shoulder but realized during his senior season that this was something he needed fixed before beginning college career.

"The reason I’m getting surgery is [the labrum] could tear more," Coughlin said. "If it tears more, I have to get surgery right then and there, which would probably be in football season. So now’s the perfect time to do it."

Coughlin had to forgo the rest of his senior season of basketball at Eden Prairie because of the surgery. He had a standout week at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl but sustained a concussion in the Jan. 9 game on a play where he drilled the opposing quarterback.

"I got him; I got myself, too," Coughlin said, laughing.

Because of the concussion, doctors delayed Coughlin's shoulder surgery, but he was cleared to have it on Wednesday. He should be ready to resume upper-body lifting exercises in 3½ months and resume hitting in five to six months. He anticipates being back at full strength for the start of the Gophers’ training camp in August.