Carter Coughlin, Seth Green and several other players have signed their official letters of intent with the Gophers today, as expected. Meanwhile, there have been a few other developments:

* Coney Durr, a three-star cornerback from Geismar, La., reportedly plans to announce his decision at 12:30 p.m. (Central). It's down to Minnesota and Virginia Tech.

* Arkeem Byrd, a three-star running back from Savannah, Ga., wound up picking Wake Forest. The Gophers were a long shot to get him but remained in the mix until the end.

* Daniel Thomas, a three-star safety from Montgomery, Al., reportedly wound up getting the offer he was waiting for from Auburn. The Gophers were his other option, so that one was a disappointment for them.

* WR Dredrick Snelson and DE TaMarion Johnson are expected to make their decisions today, as well.

Here's a list of the players who have officially signed with the Gophers: Conner Olson, Antoine Winfield Jr., Carter Coughlin, Phillip Howard, Kamal Martin, Drew Hmielewski, Ko Kieft, Thomas Barber, DeMarcus Williams, Vincent Calhoun, Kiondre Thomas, Sam Schlueter, Tyler Johnson, Kobe McCrary, Tai'yon Devers, Seth Green, Merrick Jackson, Garrison Wright.

Williams committed over night, giving the Gophers a second quarterback in this class to go with Green.