I'm sorting through notes from Media Days. Here are few tidbits from Gophers coach Jerry Kill:

On running back Berkley Edwards giving up track to focus on football, and adding about 10-12 pounds of muscle:

"I think the big thing is to stay healthy," Kill said. "Berkley ran track and football, and his dad’s a good man. You don’t need to be 180 and worried about how fast you are. You’re fast enough. And so his dad did a good job with him when he went home for break, and he’s carrying a-buck-95, 200. He can already run, and so it’s just going to make him stronger at the point of attack. [Previously] he just gets barely tapped and he goes down. [Now] he can run physical and it’s going to make him a better player. Big Ten, you better weigh 200 pounds. He’ll probably end up playing at 195."

On Jerry Gibson, who practiced at wide receiver before but has bulked up to 240 pounds and will be an H-back moving forward.

"He's athletic," Kill said. "I just think he’s gone from high school, being a tailback, to H-back. When he’s playing there, he can stand up and go catch the ball. He’s an in-betweener; he needs to be like Maxx [Williams]. Maxx was only 235-40 when he first played."

On reigning Peter Mortell, the reigning Big Ten Punter of the Year:

"The thing he needs to improve on is height [of his punts]. And directional punting."

On what placekicker Ryan Santoso needs to improve:

"Accuracy, a little bit. But we have a tough stadium to kick in. It’s very windy, but I’m not going to trade him for anybody, he’s pretty good."

Note: Kill has another press conference Tuesday, this time at the football complex. Check back here for coverage.