Gophers men’s NCAA tournament outlook

Single-digit seed makes sense — for now

Marcus Fuller’s projection: No. 9 seed

The Gophers range in online projections from a No. 7 to a No. 11 seed. I think they deserve to be a single-digit seed, but the five consecutive losses before their three-game winning streak makes me put them at No. 9 right now. Another couple victories against Indiana and Michigan this week could jump the Gophers a few spots higher.

key numbers


Record: 18-7, 6-6 Big Ten


Ken Pomeroy ( rating: 38th in nation


RPI: 21st


Strength of schedule: 15th


Quality wins: at Purdue, at Northwestern, Arkansas


Bad losses: at Penn State


Top-50 RPI wins: 4-5


Top-100 RPI wins: 8-7