This is one Top 50 the Gophers were happy to miss.

Former San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg studied arrest data for FBS teams over the past five years and came up with a ranking, which he published on Twitter:

Washington State (31 arrests) was first, followed by Florida (24), Georgia (22) and Texas A&M (22). Florida State was on the list, but not as high as some people might expect. Among Big Ten teams, Iowa ranked 12th (with 18 arrests), Michigan and Purdue were tied for 19th, and Nebraska and Ohio State were tied for 26th.

The Gophers were tied for 83rd with three arrests. Wisconsin had just two arrests in the past five years, and Northwestern one. Rosenberg posted several other tweets analyzing the data by conference, etc.

The last arrest for the Gophers football team came in June 2013, when reserve linebacker Lamonte Edwards was arrested for stealing another athlete's iPhone in the weight room. Edwards was dismissed from the team.

I was speaking to the father of a Gophers player this week, and he said it's a credit to the culture coach Jerry Kill has created around the program and the recruits he's brought in since taking over in December 2010. When you're in charge of a program with 120 college students, there are bound to be misteps. But for the most part, the football team has stayed out of the news for the wrong reasons.