Gophers coach Jerry Kill said Sunday that left guard Jon Christenson won't be able to play next Saturday against Kent State because of an injured right knee. Kill said he didn't yet know the extent of the injury, but the coach said he feels bad for Christenson who worked so hard to come back from a compound fracture in his left leg.

Kill said wide receiver KJ Maye is "unbelievably tough" to be able spit up blood on the sidelines after a vicious hit Saturday, and then return to catch the go-ahead touchdown pass with 55 seconds remaining at Colorado State. The training staff tended to Maye before and after the touchdown catch and then kept him off the field for overtime.

Kill said he still didn't know what injury Maye sustained, but said it might be a broken rib.

"We’ll certainly check him out and make sure it’s not a rib," Kill said. "He may be sore as heck today, all the adrenaline flowing [Saturday]. He might have broken a rib, I don’t know. I was worried about him [Saturday] night, coming home on the plane and all that. He seemed to be doing OK, and he’s a tough kid, but we’ll just have to see."