Deadly drives

The Gophers battled both Maryland and Purdue to the final moments. In both games, the Gophers’ opponent won, in part because they cashed in on drives late in the game:

Maryland (31-24 Gophers loss)

The Terrapins won by hogging the ball in the fourth quarter and pushing the ball over the goalline twice, tilting a back-and-forth game in their favor. Their drives that ended in the fourth quarter:

Possession start Drive Result

Received punt 11 plays, 65 yards Touchdown (24-17 Mary.)

Received punt 6 plays, 17 yards Punt

Received kickoff 8 plays, 74 yards Touchdown (31-24 Mary.)

Interception 3 plays, 12 yards Time expired

Final drives 28 plays 14 points

Purdue (31-17 Gophers loss)

Purdue put itself in position to score on all but one of its second-half drives last Saturday. The Boilermakers erased the Gophers’ 14-6 lead, led by a touchdown with a minute to play and returned an interception at the end to halt a Minnesota comeback. Their six second-half possessions led to 25 points, 18 of which came in the fourth quarter:

Possession start Drive Result

Received kickoff 10 plays, 52 yards Touchdown (14-13 Minn.)

Received punt 7 plays, 33 yards Punted

Received punt 4 plays, 6 yards Missed FG (52 yards)

Received punt 10 plays, 78 yards Field goal (16-14 Pur.)

Received kickoff 4 plays, 56 yards Touchdown (24-17 Pur.)

Interception 0 plays (return) Touchdown (31-17 Pur.)

Second half 6 poss., 4 scores 25 points (18 4th Q.)