The golf mailbag is back this week – just like recently opened courses across the state -- with a little bit of this and a lot of that. Here it is with a question from a Twitter follower wondering if the 3M Open really will return to Blaine in July with spectators welcomed -- and one I asked my followers who snared a prized tee time last weekend.

Q. Do you think fans will be allowed at the 3M Open?

A. The PGA Tour is scheduled to return without spectators June 11 in Fort Worth, Tex., and bring back fans four weeks -- and four tournaments – later starting July 9 at the John Deere Classic. That’s two weeks before the 3M Open. This is just me personally talking, but I’d be surprised if they play at the Colonial on time and if they play with fans in Blaine. I’ll be a little surprised if they play the 3M Open at all. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s just so many variables and so much that needs to go right, even if they play without spectators. The TV crew alone is 300 people they need to keep safe, let alone players, caddies, officials, volunteers, etc.

Q. Mailbag in reverse, here’s the question I asked: Did you play last weekend as soon as Gov. Tim Walz open courses Saturday morning in Minnesota? Did golfers follow the safety precautions? Was it still the same enjoyable game as you knew it before?

A. Played and fun! More controversy without holed putts. Courses seemed in good shape for this time of year. I followed the rules and most others did -- but sometimes habits are hard to break. (picking up partners ball or club) -- @groover1975

My foursome never touched the pin and stayed apart. The starter had a loud voice and explained the policies on the 1st tee. -- @JohnASpry

Yes! Saturday morning, didn't come within 40 yards of another group at the Refuge. -- @LundyLunds23

27 holes Saturday at 2 different courses. Good time. Left pins in like instructed and cups were reversed or raised. This would not have been preferred during my rounds. -- @aaronrasmus

Yes and yes. Much needed. -- @csmoney1980

Yes...would be nice to have an occasional trash can. I don't normally spend a lot of time feeling around the insides of it when we aren't too worried about a virus. -- @nls2522

Yes, yes and yes...although I did miss having a 19th hole but look forward to that again when times are safer. -- @IanCharpentier1

Yes and yes. -- @michaeldtm

Played twice this weekend. Courses and players were great about making the necessary changes. I never felt that my safety was compromised at any point. -- @Mr_LukeP

Yes yes and yes. Great to be out. -- @jim_louw

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