Police are looking for a violent felon on probation who is charged with raping a woman who felt “woozy” at a party in Golden Valley while another man held her down.

Hussein O. Ismail, 33, of St. Louis Park, was charged Wednesday with third-degree criminal sexual conduct in the assault of the woman a year ago in an apartment bedroom.

Ismail has yet to be arrested and was charged in Hennepin County District Court by warrant. Prosecutors issued the warrant, they explained in the criminal complaint, because they feared Ismail would not surrender on his own upon being charged.

At the time of the alleged rape, Ismail was on supervised probation stemming from his conviction in April 2014 of third-degree assault and child endangerment.

According to this week’s charge:

The woman told police that she was at a party on Nov. 29, 2014, in an apartment on Rhode Island Avenue and drank something from the refrigerator that was similar to Kool-Aid. She went into a bedroom to call her boyfriend and “began to feel woozy,” the criminal complaint read.

Soon after, two men were in the bedroom with her. One of them held her down by her wrists and covered her mouth as the other man raped her.

The woman awoke the next morning in the same bedroom and had on only a shirt. The rest of her clothes were scattered about the room. Her cellphone was missing. Her sister took her to the hospital for a sexual assault exam.

A little more than three months later, a “sperm cell fraction” from the victim’s rape kit provided a DNA match to Ismail, whose DNA had been on file with authorities since the earlier assault conviction.

The woman identified Ismail in a photo lineup conducted by police as one of her attackers.

The charge against Ismail was not filed for roughly nine months after the DNA match identified him as the primary suspect because “there were still many aspects of the case to be put together,” said Joanne Paul, a crime analyst for the Golden Valley Police Department.

As for the identity or whereabouts of the man allegedly with Ismail, authorities “don’t know anything about the accomplice at this point,” said Chuck Laszewski, spokesman for the county attorney’s office.

In the earlier case, Ismail broke into an apartment in June 2013 and attacked a woman shortly before dawn, leaving her face and arms bloodied. A sobbing child nearby told police that Ismail bit the woman and pulled her out of her bed by the hair. It took about an hour before police could get into the residence and arrest Ismail.


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