Go for the water bladder

Hydration in the great outdoors for me now rarely involves a water bottle. For activities where I'll be on the move -- from hiking to whitewater kayaking -- the hose-sucking efficiency of a water bladder overrules anything obtainable by a bottle.

Attempting a new concept in bladder hydration, the MoFlow from PolarPak (www.polarpak.com) shoots water from its valve via air-pump pressure.

Made to take the "suck" out of the hose-hydration equation, the MoFlow ($32) comes with a small air pump that attaches to the tip of the hose. You remove the bite valve, add the pump and inflate the bladder to a desired pressure.

Once inflated, water squirts from the valve when you bite, allowing for a quick drink.

Polarpak's system, which has a 70-ounce fluid capacity, worked fine in my test. You can achieve a similar squirting effect by blowing into other hydration bladders. But the MoFlow keeps air pressure sealed in as you hike, paddle or run.