For some reason -- OK, for the specific reason that we love games of chance -- we couldn't stop playing around with the NBA Free Agent Slot Machine this morning. Moreover, we became obsessed with two things: getting LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh on the same team (happened a couple of times with the Heat in countless spins) and getting David Lee on the Wolves (happened about 10 percent of the time, we would say. We have no idea why those two things were so important, particularly since we abhor the idea of all three players winding up in a grotesque Collusion Supergroup and we also aren't sure what David Lee would add to the Wolves' mix. Still, we invite you to give it a few spins ... and to let us know in the comments what the most preferable outcome is in your mind. If it winds up the way it's pictured, you might as well mail the 2011-2014 championship trophies to Chicago right now. And mail Al Jefferson a one-way ticket to an unknown destination.