The Marine General Store occupies the heart of Marine on St. Croix, a town of 700 residents on the St. Croix River. From its tall wooden shelves, whose highest reaches are serviced by a rolling ladder, the store sells a wide variety of goods that people in the community (or anyone, really) might need: kitchen utensils, canning supplies, meats, fresh produce. There is also something relatively new to the establishment, which got its start in 1870 — 1849 if you count the lumbering/general merchandise operation that preceded the general store: DVDs. Travelers might also like their delicious deli sandwiches.
The Marine General Store came to my attention when a woman, who preferred not to steal the spotlight from the store by sharing her name, called to tell me about its charms. “It has great food, great gifts, it’s so sweet,” she said. “There could be other old general stores around the state that people should visit.”
Indeed there could be. Please, if you know of one, tell us about it by replying here.
For now, you might content yourself with a visit to this white clapboard pillar of commerce. “Anyway, it would make a nice stop on a fall drive along the St. Croix,” my anonymous caller said. “Scandia, just up river — I think they have a general store, too.”