Back in 2005, around the time the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. came to town on their first reunion tours, I compiled a list of 10 other possible reunion tours by '80s/'90s bands that I believed would be the most relevant artistically, and make sense commercially for the participants. Pavement, coming to town Sunday, made that list. So did Soundgarden, also now back on tour. So did Rage Against the Machine, sporadically gigging since 2007. And so did Smashing Pumpkins and Hole, whose leaders ruined their legacy this year by remaking their bands with all new members.

So here's a do-over. Check back in five years.

1. Original Guns 'N Roses (even the hipsters would eat that up)

2. The Smiths

3. Stone Roses (because so few ever saw them)

4. N.W.A.

5. Black Flag

6. Uncle Tupelo

7. New Order

8. The Pogues

9. Sugarcubes (or just a Björk tour with a few of those songs will do).

10. Hüsker Dü (replacing the Replacements; screw the 'Mats)