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The new year has started with gas prices where they were when 2015 ended: Below $2.

The national average price of a gallon of gas was $1.99 Monday, the lowest since March 25, 2009. The national average has moved lower for 50 of the past 59 days, largely due to an abundance of crude oil, according to AAA. Minnesota's average as of Monday was $1.849. The metro area was at that mark, while the average price was slightly higher in Duluth ($1.888) and St. Cloud ($1.91) and slightly lower in Rochester ($1.83), according to AAA.

The statewide average has fallen about 13 cents the past month. Minnesota has the 13th lowest price in the country; California and Hawaii have the highest, at $2.87 and $2.68, respectively, according to AAA.