Garth Brooks announced a second U.S. Bank Stadium show in May — at the gentle urging of Gov. Mark Dayton — after the first sold out in an hour with 50,000 people still hoping for tickets.

He will now play May 3-4, 2019.

The country star said that despite his excitement about the quick sellout, he was sorry to learn that so many fans would not get a chance to see him on his tour next year, which is billed as one night only in just 10 cities.

"We had a really great day in one respect but in another respect we had some people not taken care of," Brooks said during a Monday news conference call with Dayton.

Dayton took to Twitter to urge a second night, and Brooks agreed, breaking the mold somewhat because at this point every other city on the tour has remained one night only.

"As a politician, you learn that when there are 50,000 unhappy constituents who can be made happy with one phone call, you do it," Dayton said.

Brooks said he was moved by Dayton's "sweet" gesture: "It was flattering and humbling, and it would be a joy of mine to play a second night."

Dayton was his usual self-deprecating self.

"I haven't had 50,000 people come to my events in my entire career — and I don't even charge for them," he said.

Asked if he would play a duet with Brooks, Dayton said "Friends in Low Places" might be appropriate, referring to the Brooks' hit that boasts, "I'm not big on social graces."

Dayton, who is leaving office at the end of the year, added that he will be out of office in May and may pursue a job as a stagehand: "I'll be looking for gainful employment."

The country star and the Democratic governor were to hold a news conference at the Capitol, but Brooks' plane was grounded.