Photo: AP

Photo: AP

As we’ve said, you can’t spell GaGa without GaG:

Lady GaGa is allegedly planning to work with Gunther Von Hagens on a new stage set featuring preserved human bodies.


According to The Sun, the singer is considering the collaboration with the controversial 'Body Worlds' doctor in a bid to top the success of her 'Monster Ball' tour.


The added: "GaGa sees a kindred spirit and is hoping to meet him in New York. They've spoken over email and it's gone well. She is keen to have some 'Body Worlds' element in one of her shows, with Vegas being the obvious fit.


"It would be good to top this tour - which is already out there - with something nobody has done before, using dead bodies as part of a gig."

No one’s fed baby seals onstage into a Cuisinart blender either, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done. The idea of using laminated corpses as stage props is probably a line we didn’t need to cross, because Gaga will have to top that next tour, possibly by gassing members of her adoring audience. She’ll call it youth-anizing!


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