Did you ever drive away from home and suddenly wonder if you left the garage open? Now you can close it, no matter where you are, with the Nexx NXG-200 smart garage controller, which connects to your home Wi-Fi.

Installation of the device takes just a few minutes. First, download the Nexx Home app (iOS and Android) and create a free account. Plug the controller into the AC electrical outlet that powers your garage door, then connect the two devices (with an included wire). After the controller is powered up and the proper lights are glowing, use the Nexx Home app to configure the setup to your Wi-Fi.

The last installation step is pairing a sensor, which you’ll attach to the inside of the garage door. You are now good to go for opening or closing your garage door from anywhere by just tapping the garage door icon in the center of the app. The app allows sharing of the access, or just open the garage remotely upon request for family, friends or workers.

Before you order, check the Nexx website for compatibility with your existing opener. You must know the manufacturer and model. If that information isn’t available, they show you how to quickly test to determine if the opener is compatible with Nexx Garage, using a small wire, pliers or paper clip (my option). If it’s not compatible, don’t worry; there is an adapter available ($25) to make it work. (getnexx.com, $80)