Casio’s Pro Trek PRW6600Y-2 has an unfortunate name. Casio has many Pro Trek models, all with numbers instead of names. This model, just referred to as Pro Trek in this review, has a lot going on.

The main face of the watch has analog hands, but it also has a small one-line digital display that changes to display different functions.

The Pro Trek is kept accurate by multiband atomic timekeeping, syncing with radio signals six times per day.

It also has small solar panels in the watch face, so you will never need to wind it or change batteries (though the battery uncharged can run six months).

And it’s water-resistant down to 100 meters.

There are four function buttons around the outside edge to allow the user to get into the watch’s features.

The Pro Trek has Triple Sensor Version 3 technology, which includes a compass, altimeter-barometer and a thermometer. These are very cool features, but getting to them can be a little cumbersome. The text on the watch face is very small and remembering the right sequence of buttons to push takes some repetition. Be warned. But the features are useful for outdoors enthusiasts.

Since these measurements are displayed on the LED screen, the watch hands will automatically move out of the way to let you see the readout.

Speaking of the watch hands, they glow in the dark, and there is a backlight. This watch can sound up to five daily alarms and has a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The calendar is preprogrammed until the year 2099.

The LED display can also show time in up to 29 other time zones and can display 12- or 24-hour formats.

The Pro Trek measures 51.6 mm by 51.5 mm by 13.6 mm and it weighs 2.75 ounces. It is a big watch that makes you aware of its size and weight, bigger and heavier than the Apple Watch. Yet the silicon band is comfortable.

The combination of features plus the dark blue color of the face and band also make it a very fashionable and functional watch.

The sheer number of features and buttons around the watch will take a while to master. Keep the paper manual or download a PDF if you need bigger text.

The Pro Trek PRW6600Y-2 is a good-looking watch that should last for many years. It has enough features to keep a gadget guy engaged.