If your dad is like any I know, the ideal Father’s Day gift is a great meal — grilled himself, but with new cooking tools.

Cave Tools has improved on an already great product with its new Premium Meat Claws. Shredding meats like slow-cooked pork can be done more easily with this pair of steel claws, each of which has seven hooked tips. The claw is solid, more than twice the weight of any other model on the market, so it feels really nice in your hands.

Full disclosure: My neighbor did the cooking and smoking but I did the clawing. They are available in two colors, merlot and black, and are dishwasher-safe. (cavetools.com, $15)

When you’re done, the company’s Grill Scraper Tool makes cleanup a snap. The pocket-size stainless steel tool has variously shaped grooves that will conform to almost any grill on the market, whether the grates are round, V-shaped or square.

While waiting for the meal to finish cooking, I made use of one other feature on the grill tool — a bottle opener. It, too, worked to perfection. (cavetools.com, $10)

Gregg Ellman, Tribune News Service