Charger ready for both smartwatch and phone

It’s high school and college graduation season, and what better option than a technology gift?

Here are some smaller gadget gifts that would make great gifts, especially for people who fall into the “hard to buy for” category.

For many, space to charge gadgets on a nightstand is limited.

And with many people having both iPhones and an Apple Watch, the Belkin Valet might be the answer.

The Valet is a compact charging dock with a lightning connector for your iPhone and a built-in Apple Watch charger.

The Valet can charge any iPhone with a Lightning port, from the iPhone 5 up to the iPhone X.

The Lightning connector raises and lowers with a thumb wheel so you can make the proper connection if your phone is in a case.

The adjustment was easy and only needs to happen the first time you set it up.

Since both charging connectors are built-in, one wall plug will charge both devices.

The base measures 5.28 by 3.47 inches, and it’s solid enough that it doesn’t slide around when you dock or remove your phone or watch. The Valet comes in black, rose gold or silver.


Charger looks at home on an executive desk

Another option: the iON Wireless Plus Fast Charging Pad.

It’s unlike any other Qi wireless charger.

Instead of a round disk that looks like a drink coaster, the iON Wireless Plus is an elevated charger covered in a nice tweedy fabric in tan, gray or red.

Other products from this company have been outstanding, and this is no different.

The design of the charger is to help with heat dissipation.

The charging pad connects to power with an included USB-C cable and wall charger.

It can provide 10 watts for Android phones and 7.5 watts for iPhones, which is as fast as they can charge.

Around back, you’ll also find a traditional USB port so you can plug in any other device that can charge via USB power — very handy.

The iON Wireless Plus is definitely the classiest wireless charger on the market. It would look at home on your nightstand, kitchen counter or an executive desk.