The announcement that Minnesota was awarded an MLS franchise did not sit well with some in Sacramento. Folks there have been waiting for a team, what with one in nearby San Jose and three teams in Canada.

It sounds like their time is coming, but that didn't help block the sting.

Writer Tom Couzens put thought to paper and wrote in the Sacramento Bee a comparison between Minneapolis and Sacramento.

Some of these points hit a little close to home. But for the most part, it's innocent fun.

Please do enjoy.

Major League Soccer announced Wednesday that the Twin Cities had been awarded the league’s 23rd franchise, beginning play in 2018.

Although Sacramento is considered a near lock for a future expansion team, we wonder how commissioner Don Garber could have picked the “City of Lakes” over “River City.”

Here’s how we see the comparison:

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▪ Their NASL team, Minnesota United, averages about 5,900 fans per match; our USL team, Republic FC, averaged 11,294 in its inaugural season.

▪ They don’t have a stadium-financing plan; we have a group of investors that has pledged to build a stadium without public funds.

▪ Their summers are hot and humid, and it doesn’t cool down at night; we have dry heat and Delta breezes.

▪ They have to plug in engine-block heaters if they park outside in the winter; we plug in our cars to be green.

▪ They ice fish; we fish.

▪ They eat lutefisk; we eat fresh salmon.

▪ Their state has 10,000 lakes; we have two great rivers.

▪ Their state bird is the mosquito; ours is the quail.

▪ They have one Prince; we have a team of Kings.

▪ They had Jesse “The Body” Ventura; we had Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

▪ Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges collects Wonder Woman memorabilia; Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson collects political allies.

▪ They are in the Midwest; we aren’t.

You can read the entire comparison here.

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