The NBA actually has a more strict anthem policy than the NFL. So why is the NFL hammered while the NBA is lauded? ESPN's Dan Graziano nailed it with a Thursday morning post on this very issue. He wrote: "The answer has to do with sincerity, trust and authenticity of motivation."


West Coast Twins games are tough for those who aren't night owls, but it's worth it to watch Fernando Romero pitch (9 p.m., FSN). He will be opposed by the Mariners' James Paxton — last seen by some Twins fans when an eagle landed on him at Target Field on Opening Day.


"Always proud of the rich tradition of Gopher baseball, and what John Anderson and Rob Fornasiere have contributed over the last 3+ decades at the helm. Thanks for the great years, Rob! SkiUMah."

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"If people would watch what's going on, the NBA wouldn't be as popular as the NHL. Only sport where the offseason is twice as entertaining as the actual play."