There are several reasons for optimism with this year's Twins, but there are also some reasons to be cautious about that optimism. We took a big-picture look at the 2018 season on the latest Twins Insider podcast. Listen at and download via iTunes.


Golf has evolved beyond needing Tiger Woods to be good in order to be interesting to the masses, but let's be honest: It's still more fun to watch the Masters when Tiger is relevant. Friday coverage starts at 2 p.m. on ESPN.


"The Vikings are an unknown on the offensive side of the ball. I mean, they brought in a new OC from outside of the organization and they have a brand new QB. We really don't have any clue what the offense is going to look like until they actually play some games."

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"I like to eat one tiny baby dill pickle before bed. That way if by some miracle I live to be 90+, I can say that the key to longevity is pickles."