Everyone can use some free financial advice. Everyone. I'll bet even Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who just pledged to give $100 million to fight Ebola, gets a second opinion now and then.

That's why Saturday's free financial planning seminar put on by the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota is such a good deal. For more details, check out my article in today's paper.

If you can't attend Saturday and you'd like a hand in sorting your finances, you can go to the FPA site to find a certified financial planner. Most consumer finance experts recommend finding a CFP who works on a fee-only basis. Fee-only planners charge you only for their time (after a free initial consultation) rather than a commission on products such as insurance or mutual funds you purchase from them.

No one should feel that he or she doesn't have enough savings to get financial advice. Singles who have an adjusted gross income of $20,000 or less and married couples with a household income of $40,000 or less qualify for free advice from the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota. The FPA makes us dig a bit to find the pro bono info but here is the link. Use this resource later or attend Saturday's sessions, which are open to anyone, regardless of income.

Update: the puppies allotted to the free event at the Wilder Center in St. Paul on Saturday have already found decent homes with new owners who promised to contribute enough to their 401(k) to receive the full employer match. Check the free section on Craigslist for more free puppies as they become available.

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