James Franco and Anne Hathaway

There's at least one person besides the winners who is smiling this morning: Rob Lowe. The actor got shellacked for his Academy Award appearance in which he danced with Snow White. That boogie routine now looks downright inspired compared to the antics on last night's show.

James Franco sported a permanent smirk that gave the impression that he'd rather be shooting "General Hospital" than hanging out with Hollywood legends. It was a flat, even insulting, performance that belonged in a slacker movie, not a night to celebrate film. Poor Anne Hathaway did her best to cheer both him and the crowd up, and I give her props for at least looking like she wanted to be there. Unfortunately, she didn't have the material to match her enthusiasm.

Nothing came off as hilarious or memorable, with the exception of Kirk Douglas's rambling presentation to best supporting actress. Even Billy Crystal didn't bring his A game, maybe because he didn't want to further embarass the evening's hosts.

The only promising moment was Sandra Bullock's presentation of best actor. With her cheery delivery and wit, the Oscar producers would be wise to sign her up for next year's host. A genuine movie star who looks like she's enjoying herself? Wow, what a novel idea!!

Am I being too harsh? Let me know what you think....