Former Visitation High School tennis coach Daniel Erik Hubbard Wilson plans to admit at a June hearing that he violated a no-contact order that forbids him from contacting a student he sexually assaulted.

Wilson's attorney, Eric Olson, said at a hearing Thursday morning in Ramsey County District that his client would enter a denial Thursday, but return on June 4 to admit to the allegation that he asked a third party to post messages on the girl's Twitter account.

Olson said after the hearing that the time will allow him to review all of the evidence against his client.

Wilson, 27, pleaded guilty in January to third-degree criminal sexual conduct for assaulting the girl, who was 15 when it first started in 2013. She is now 17.

Wilson coached her at Visitation in Mendota Heights, and also served as her private coach. Court documents show that the sexual contact was consensual, but Minnesota law criminalizes such activity given their age difference and Wilson's job.

Ramsey County District Judge Diane Alshouse sentenced Wilson in April to a year in the Ramsey County workhouse and 15 years' probation. She also ordered him to have no contact with the girl, undergo sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender for 10 years and to allow probation access to his Internet usage, among other conditions.

The judge also sentenced him to six years in prison, but stayed the term as long as Wilson obeyed the conditions of his sentence. A violation could activate the prison term.

A May 7 letter written by Wilson's probation officer alleged that from the county workhouse, Wilson asked a third party on April 13 and 15 to post messages on the girl's Twitter account. It did not state who the third party was, or what the messages said. The probation officer recommended annulling Wilson's stayed prison sentence.

Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Andrew R.K. Johnson said Thursday that it's up to Alshouse to determine how much, if any, of those six years Wilson could face.

Olson said Thursday that instead of executing the prison time, Alshouse could also add more time to Wilson's workhouse sentence.

"Obviously, I want to try to minimize his consequences," Olson said after the hearing. "We don't want him to go to prison."

A civil harassment restraining order filed in 2014 by the girl's father also forbids Wilson from having any contact with the girl through September 2016.

Wilson hasn't been criminally charged with violating the no-contact and harassment orders, but Johnson said, "That's something we're looking at."

Wilson was first charged in October in the sexual assault case. He was subsequently charged three times with violating the harassment restraining order -- twice in Ramsey County and once in Hennepin County -- for allegedly contacting the girl on social media, meeting up with her, asking her to change information she shared with police about his crime and for allegedly showing up outside the girl's therapy session in Minneapolis the day before Thanksgiving.

As part of his plea deal, the two Ramsey County cases were dismissed, and Wilson agreed to plead guilty in the Hennepin County case. He has a May 27 court hearing in that case.

Wilson's family members declined comment Thursday.

The girl's parents and their team of attorneys also declined comment after the hearing.

Wilson coached at Visitation from August 2010 until his resignation last September.