For the second straight night, the Twins and White Sox were briefly interrupted by a squirrel who decided that Target Field isn't a bad place to hang out.

The squirrel made its first appearance during Monday night's game with Nelson Cruz at the plate.

It ended up in the Twins dugout, Miguel Sano ended up outside the dugout and Cruz ended up hitting a single.

 "Chasing all the big, strong baseball players out of the way," commentator Roy Smalley deadpanned.

One visit wasn't enough, apparently.

Here's the encore from tonight's game, in two parts. First, it interrupted Jorge Polanco's at-bat:

Then, it made a clean getaway as the Twins scored four runs to break open a 3-3 tie. The Twins went on to win 14-4.

 No word yet whether the squirrel's extended family includes this notorious critter that captured the attention of the Twin Cities in 2018 for its daring exploits in downtown St. Paul.