The poop on poop bags

Why you should sit up: It seems like a good idea to re-use those grocery-store bags to pick up Fido's feces. But you're also preserving poop for generations to come.

Why you should roll over: These dog poop bags and cat pan liners, by BioBag, are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable, made from cornstarch and renewable resources.

Why you should play dead: Although it's better for the environment, you're paying to package poop.

Where to fetch it:

How much you'll have to beg: $18.45 for 100 dog waste bags; $18.40 for 10 cat pan liners.

GINA KIM, Sacramento Bee

Get your dander out

It's a groomer and cleaning tool in one: FurBuster from Bamboo Pet uses three sizes of interchangeable blades to remove your pet's dead undercoat -- or the hair they've already shed that's embedded in your couches and car seats. (The product should only be used on pets that naturally shed.)

FurBuster is available at Target and Wal-Mart stores or at starting at about $25. Replacement blades are $15. You can see video of the tools in action on the website.


Furr-ific pet perk

Pet dishes don't have to bring down your decor: The Diner Pet collection of retro-styled ceramic dishes and place mats is perfect for hip cats and dogs. Matching place mats also are available. $11.95,

MEDA KESSLER, McClatchy Newspapers

Bow wow factor

Pet paraphernalia often lacks something in the style department, but the eiCrate designed by Peter Pracilio for Go! Pet Design brings a dose of design to pet land.

While the eiCrate won't mess up your decor, it might put a crimp in your budget, depending on which variation you choose. The black, white or silver models are $320, the gold model costs $420, and for those who don't have to quibble about the cost of kibble, there's a 22.5-karat gold-leaf version for $11,000.

All five versions come with a removable leakproof rubber liner. A fitted black cover is available for $179, or there's a starter package that includes the crate, liner, half bed and cover for $575.

The powder-coated steel wire crates are designed for indoor or outdoor use -- although you might think twice about leaving a $11,000 pet cage out in the elements.

EiCrate is 24 1/2 inches high, 36 inches wide and 34 inches deep. The door is 14 1/2 inches high. The crate breaks in half for shipping and storage.

For Fidos or Fifis that weigh less than 40 pounds. Available from