Here are the top 20 broadcast TV shows for the week of Sept. 21-27 (Monday to Sunday), based on the number of viewers, according to data released Tuesday by the Nielsen Co.

  1. Sunday Night Football (NBC)

  2. Fox NFL Sunday (Fox)

  3. Sunday Night NFL Pre-kick (NBC)

  4. Monday Night Football (ABC)

  5. 60 Minutes (CBS)

  6. America's Got Talent, Wed. (NBC)

  7. Football Night in America (NBC)

  8. Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

  9. America's Got Talent, Tue. (NBC)

  10. Monday Night Kickoff (ABC)

  11. The Masked Singer (Fox)

  12. Celebrity Family Feud (ABC)

  13. America's Got Talent Special (NBC)

  14. I Can See Your Voice (Fox)

  15. NCIS (repeat) (CBS)

  16. Big Brother, Wed. (CBS)

  17. Big Brother, Sun. (CBS)

  18. 20/20 (ABC)

  19. Big Brother, Thu. (CBS)

  20. The Simpsons (Fox)

Movie rentals

Best kept 'Secret'

Here are Redbox's top 10 movie rentals in the Twin Cities for the previous seven days, according to data released Tuesday.

  1. "The Secret: Dare to Dream"

  2. "Ava"

  3. "Irresistible"

  4. "The King of Staten Island"

  5. "Most Wanted"

  6. "Rogue"

  7. "Scoob!"

  8. "Hard Kill"

  9. "Let It Snow"

  10. "Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!"