Doughnuts, downtown

The four words that will soon be heard all over downtown Minneapolis?

"There goes the diet."

That's because Bogart's Doughnut Co. (904 W. 36th St., Mpls., is opening an outpost in the IDS Crystal Court. The main-floor kiosk debuts in mid-July and will follow a Monday-through-Saturday schedule, serving owner Anne Rucker's trademark brioche doughnuts, as well as cake doughnuts and other deep-fried novelties.

It's Rucker's first expansion since opening her brick-and-mortar shop a year ago, after several years of selling at the Kingfield Farmers Market.

"I used to work in the IDS, back in my lawyer days, so it's a personal thing for me," she said. "And I've always thought of the Crystal Court as being this special place. It's beautiful, and it has a lot of history. It was my first pick, and I feel so lucky that I got it."

Rick Nelson

Duluth is smokin'

For food lovers, Northern Waters Smokehaus (394 Lake Av. S., Duluth, is nearly as synonymous with the city of Duluth as the Aerial Bridge. Owner Eric Goerdt is expanding, taking his cured meats and smoked fish up the hill into a former bagel shop (1608 Woodland Av., Duluth). The second location will include a larger menu — tapas, as well as beer and wine — and will open in the fall.

Be on the lookout for the shop's twice-a-month appearances at the Fulton Farmers Market (4901 Chowen Av. S., Mpls.) and the Kingfield Farmers Market (4310 Nicollet Av. S., Mpls.). First scheduled dates are May 30 and 31, respectively. R.N.