Hello Team!

My notes may become brief since we are actually playing now and I typically have never blogged  during competition but I will do my best to keep ya updated. Today is beautiful outside, the sun is out and the sky is clear and the mountains look great!  Its a nice way to start the day:)

Our team is really looking forward to getting out and playing great today.  We feel even though our current record reflects 0-2 we are very close to winning these games.  It really comes down to key shots in specific ends, fine tuning rock  & broom placement.   So we have taken this opportunity to really remember all the great things we are doing right (and we are doing more right than wrong) and build on that.  Now don't get me wrong, we all hate to lose.  But I think we deal with it in a very healthy manner.  Not one person on this team likes to underperform and I love that about us.  We're intense and  we love the challenges that this great sport give us.  One of our greatest strengths is we use that energy to figure out solutions, keep things in perspective and always remind each other we believe and trust in one another!  

Ultimately, we have lots of games ahead of us and we are in full control of our destiny and that feels empowering!

Have a great day ... and of course USA! USA! USA!