Almost exactly five years to the day from the time Bret Bielema infamously consulted his two-point conversion card against the Gophers and Tim Brewster, the former Wisconsin coach who is now at Arkansas, again finds himself in the midst of a potential controversy.

On Oct. 9, 2010, you’ll recall Bret’s Badgers tried a two-point conversion against the Gophers while leading 41-16 with less than seven minutes to play. Brewster called him out in an angry postgame confrontation; Bielema shrugged it off, saying he was just doing what the math told him to do.

On Oct. 10, 2015, in the midst of a 27-14 loss to Alabama, Bielema appears to have taken his *gamesmanship* to a new level. In a video captured and tweeted out by @Coach_Jacks, we see Bielema jumping into the fray on a play that finished along the Arkansas sidelines.

It all happens very quickly, but what a reasonable person might conclude is: Bielema makes the initial contact with an Alabama player; he then pretends to get shoved back; he quickly says something to the referee; the official throws a flag, a 15-yard call for unsportsmanlike conduct; and the finishing touch, of course, is Bielema celebrating like he’s just done something great.

Maybe there’s a different explanation from Point A to Point B. You go ahead and watch the video and be the judge (@Coach_Jacks corrected the spelling of “instigate” in a later tweet, the way).

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