Smartwatch offers health focus

Fitbit has unveiled its first smartwatch. The Fitbit Ionic has a square touch screen similar to the one on the Apple Watch. It includes a heart-rate monitor, GPS tracking and four-day battery life. The watch, which is water resistant up to 50 meters, can make wireless payments and store music offline from Pandora Media.

Fitbit recently lost its position as the top seller of wearable devices, falling behind Apple and China’s Xiaomi, and is hoping the new device will reinvigorate demand and differentiate itself from other smartwatches.

For example, the smartwatch is the company’s first device to include a sensor that can estimate blood oxygen levels, called a relative SpO2 sensor.

“Smartwatches are a platform for us to deliver the most powerful health tools the market has seen,” Chief Executive James Parks aid.

In addition to the watch, Fitbit is rolling out an upgraded smart scale, the Aria 2, and $129.95 Bluetooth headphones that pair with the smartwatch.

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An elegant DVR option for cord cutters

Recording TV shows for later viewing is something almost everyone who subscribes to pay TV can do. What about cord cutters? The Tablo Dual is a two-tuner whole home solution for recording and watching over-the-air content.

The Tablo TV can be used with or without guide data, but I highly recommend subscribing to the guide data service for $4.99 per month. You can also choose to prepay yearly for $49.99 or choose a lifetime subscription for $149.99.

The Tablo Dual is really a nice solution for receiving and recording over-the-air channels. Because you don’t have to have the box directly connected to a TV, you can watch on any TV or connected device, including your phone.

The picture quality for live shows and recordings was very good, but of course that will depend on the placement of an antenna and the strength of the signal. Some people will complain about the subscription price, but elegant solutions like the Tablo Dual usually require some type of ongoing cost. The fact that Tablo offers a lifetime subscription is a nice feature and a money saver if you will be using the service for a long time.