After last year's "Let It Be" revival had everybody smiling straight through to "Answering Machine," it was clear First Ave wasn't going to hang up the idea of honoring the Replacements with another all-star tribute. The club is going ahead with its plan of paying homage to "Tim" on Nov. 26 (the day after Thanksgiving), marking the album's 25th anniversary.


Today, First Ave issued the initial lineup of singers who will be handling the "Tim" vocal duties. They are: Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack), Josh Grier (Tapes ’N Tapes), Johnny Solomon (Communist Daughter), Ben Kyle (Romantica), Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife), Jim Walsh (the Mad Ripple and 'Mats biographer), Arzu Gokcen (Pink Mink), and Dale T. Nelson (Otto’s Chemical Lounge). Gokcen and Nelson were standouts during "Let It Be" last year, delivering "Gary's Got a Boner" and "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out," respectively. Two more "Tim" vocalists have yet to be named, and the exact list of who's singing what will remain a surprise until showtime. I hear they're having a hard time finding somebody to handle "Dose of Thunder." The house band will once again feature guitar wiz Terry Eason and members of the Melismatics and Heiruspecs.

In addition to the "Tim" set, the lineup in the main room and 7th Street Entry that night will be rounded out with dozens of mini-sets featuring other 'Mats material. Those will be helmed by the Honeydogs, Pink Mink, Story of the Sea, the Goondas, Stook! & the Jukes, Eliza Blue, Dan Israel, Gini Dodds, Ashleigh Still, John Swardson, Mayda, Brianna Lane, Ryan Paul, Martin Devaney, Bethany Larson, the Sex Rays, Sons of Gloria and a special one-off band called the White and Lazy All-Stars (with members of Chooglin'). Click here for ticket info.

Amazingly, some of these participants have even started rehearsing, and they sent out a video clip to prove it. I'm not exactly sure if this will add to the enthusiasm for the show or not, but I suspect it will if you're a true 'Mats fan. Jim McGuinn, by the way, is the program director at the Current, although his job might be in jeopardy after this.