A firefighter rescued a dog from open waters in a partly iced-over lake in Rochester.

The incident unfolded late Saturday morning on Cascade Lake, located south of Hwy. 14 and west of Hwy. 52 on the northwest side of the city, according to the Fire Department.

The dog was about 50 feet from shore when it broke through the ice.

"The animal was fatigued from approximately 10 minutes in the water and had to be assisted out of the water onto the ice surface" by a firefighter, a statement from the Fire Department read.

The firefighter donned protective clothing and a safety line before heading out onto the ice and bringing the dog back safely to land.

"Citizens are reminded that ice is never 100% safe," the Fire Department statement continued. "Ice conditions in our area are very dangerous currently. Ice thickness is insufficient for even foot travel.

"The owners of this pet were very wise to call early and for not attempting to cross the ice themselves."

For information on ice safety and guidelines for general thickness, visit: www.dnr.state.mn.us/safety/ice/index.html.