It will take several weeks for the city of Minneapolis to tally the final costs for providing police and other services during President Donald Trump's Target Center rally last week, according to city officials.

Mayor Jacob Frey and Trump's campaign were already arguing over the city's costs for the campaign rally — which drew thousands of supporters and protesters downtown — before it even happened. After other cities fronted security costs for other Trump rallies, Frey called on the president to pay upfront for those related to his event in Minneapolis.

Days before Trump landed in Minneapolis on Thursday, city staff estimated that the visit would cost the city $530,000. The total included $400,000 for law enforcement and $130,000 for lane closures, traffic control and other costs. The city used the same methodology for past events, including the Super Bowl and the Final Four college basketball championship.

City officials are now gathering the final staff costs, Interim City Coordinator Mark Ruff said Tuesday. Financial staff for the police department "will need at least two to three weeks" to determine the hours worked by officers, including overtime, he said.

Frey has repeatedly said the city should not have to cover those costs, though they haven't been charged to campaigns before. Meanwhile, Target Center operator AEG said it could not pay for the services, as that would constitute a campaign contribution.

Ruff said that he, the City Attorney's Office and Jeff Johnson, who manages the contract between the city and AEG, are speaking regularly with AEG officials. Jordan Gilgenbach, the city's digital communications coordinator, said last week that it's the city's intent to get reimbursed.

Hundreds of officers were stationed both inside and outside Target Center on Thursday night. The city could not provide the total number Tuesday.

The rally led to intense and sometimes physical confrontations outside of Target Center, most of them once Trump's speech ended. Some officers were pelted with bottles and umbrellas during protests. One person was arrested, according to a police spokesman.